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This is the story of a Mormon who’s gay and out but refuses to let go of his Mormon faith—and has even become a Mormon Fundamentalist in the process!

Why would a gay Frenchman in the U.K. want to become a Mormon Fundamentalist?!

There are many stereotypes out there about gay men, about Mormons and about Mormon Fundamentalists. And there are so many people out there who tell me I cannot be gay and Mormon. To be sure, it brings conflict and it is a battle you fight against yourself until you can accept that both your sexual orientation and your spiritual beliefs are innate parts of you. Why should being 100% gay make 100% of who you are? 

The overarching theme of this blog is the exploration of the duality experienced by most Mormons with same-sex attraction.

I hope I can dispel some myths, bring some understanding and offer support to those who may be in a similar situation and want to reconcile their sexuality with their deep-rooted spirituality.

So, how did a gay Frenchman become a Mormon Fundamentalist?

Don’t expect a fascinating transition à la Kimmy Schmidt or the promotion of a lifestyle but the depiction of a delicate balancing act. This is my story—with Mormon history (critically revisited) in between.

I promise open honesty.


Thank you for visiting this blog. I welcome your feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.