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Because being 100% gay doesn’t make 100% of who I am. Gay, French & Mormon Fundamentalist in the UK.

Some will imagine an angry and flamboyant gay activist from Utah set out to trash the compound he turned his back on.

I am actually a well-travelled Frenchman based in the U.K. who loves Mormonism & became a Fundamentalist 10 years ago despite being gay. 

There are many stereotypes out there about gay men, about Mormons and about Mormon Fundamentalists. And there are many people out there telling me you cannot be gay and Mormon. But why should being 100% gay make 100% of who you are? 

The overarching theme of this blog is the exploration of the duality experienced by most Mormons with same-sex attraction: the conflict and acceptance that both your sexual orientation and your spiritual beliefs are innate parts of you. 

I hope to dispel some myths, bring some understanding and offer support. I promise honesty.

So, how did a gay Frenchman become a Mormon Fundamentalist? And how does he make it work? Scroll down and find out


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20 May 2023

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Joseph’s Smith’s ‘First Vision’ is the genesis of Mormonism. Myth or reality? This post is my take on it—in a new category: ‘Mormon History (Revisited)’.

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Where’s the place for gays in God’s many mansions? Is Mormon doctrine that clear about it? Why holding on to this religion? I know I have my part to play in this world.

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How I came out. I had met a man who was now my boyfriend. Being so far from home gave me the chance to live that experience. But could my religion let me?

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So, how did a gay Frenchman become a Mormon Fundamentalist?

Don’t expect a fascinating transition à la Kimmy Schmidt or even the promotion of a lifestyle but the depiction of a delicate balancing act. 

This is my story, with Mormon history (critically revisited) in between.

Mormon History (Revisited) is an ongoing series of posts about my sometimes unorthodox rendition of the Mormon movement since its early days.

The ‘Independent Mormon Fundamentalist Friends’ is a website that provides resources about Mormon Fundamentalists, including: Mormon history and Mormon doctrine.



1—Who I am; where I am; why I’m writing this blog

This is me now, and why I created this blog.

4 entries (2017)

2—How it all began: teenagers looking for religion

How could a gay French boy become LDS?

10 entries (1995)

3—Becoming a Mormon

My joining the LDS Church at age nineteen.

4 entries (1995)

4—Being LDS in France and in the closet

Church members, missionaries, friends & family.

10 entries (1996)

5—Touching that closet door on the other side of the world

Exploring in America.

10 entries (1997)

6—On being a gay Mormon Fundamentalist

A conversation about my faith and my being gay

5 entries (2019)

7—Reflections on some anniversaries

25 years ago I joined the LDS Church. 5 years later I was excommunicated.

3 entries (2020) 

8—Coming out

In America again, a mentor, a gay friend and a first boyfriend taught me how to open that closet door.

10 entries (1998) 

And the latest posts are: HERE

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