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1—Who I am; where I am; why I’m writing this blog This is me now and what led me to create this blog. 4 entries (2017)


2—How it all began: teenagers looking for religion Or: How could a gay French boy become LDS? 10 entries (1995)

3—Becoming a Mormon My conversion and joining the LDS Church in France at age 19. 4 entries (1995)

4—Being LDS in France and in the closet Church members, missionaries, friends and family. 10 entries (1996)

5—Touching that closet door on the other side of the world Exploring my secret dreams and America. 10 entries (1997)


6—On being a gay Mormon Fundamentalist A conversation I had with someone who was puzzled by it! 5 entries (2019)

7—Reflections on some anniversaries 25 years ago I joined the LDS Church. in 2000 I was excommunicated. 3 entries (2020) 


To Be Continued